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VouchSm by sclogo

Safety First
If you’re designing products for small children, you know how important safety is. And there are
all kinds of hazards to test for, from choking to finger entrapment and more. That’s where the innovative, comprehensive software program Vouch comes in.

Why Vouch?
Simply put, because you design digitally, you should be able to test digitally. Vouch performs a number of the industry standard safety tests in the digital world, enabling you to evaluate your designs, identify improvements and implement changes, all before you have invested time and money in physical prototypes.

How Does Vouch Work?
Vouch is a simple — but powerful — testing system. You import a model of your design, and Vouch runs a series of simulations using the top Toy Industry Standard Tests. For each result, Vouch will not only show you a 3D animated visualization of whether or not your product passed the test, it will also show you all the contact points, so you know where and how to make modifications, if necessary. And because Vouch is designed to be used alone or integrated with other CAD software, it’s extremely versatile.

Which Tests Does Vouch Perform?
When we said comprehensive, we meant it. Vouch performs the Small Parts Cylinder Test, the 110% Small Parts Cylinder Test, the Rattle Gauge,the Supplemental Rattle Gauge, and the Small Ball Gauge. So whatever you’re developing, Vouch can test it.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) 0f 2008
In light of the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act regulations, Vouch can be a significant part of your safety process system providing hazard analysis and risk assessment for
toy designs.